The schedule is tentative and can subject to change. We will have guest lectures and may accomodate the schedule accordingly.

The normal course hour is Thuesday/Thursday. We will have two joint course session with CSE548 (Computer architecture) on ASICs and FPGA. These two courses will happen on Wed/Friday instead (see the schedule for details).

Mar 28th Introduction to Deep Learning slides for lecture 1 slides for RNN
Mar 30th Lab: How to build image classifier lab1 material
April 4th Components Overview of Deep Learning System slides for lecture3
April 6th Backprop and Automatic Differentiation, assignment 1 out slides for lecture4
April 11th Guest Lecture by Alex Smola slide
April 13th Guest Lecture by Soumith Chintala (Torch/PyTorch), slide
April 18th Memory Optimization and Planning slides for lecture7
April 20th Project Proposal Pitch, assignment 1 due
April 25th GPU Acceleration, assignment 2 out slides
April 27th Parallel Scheduling Project proposal due slides
May 3rd (joint with CSE548) ASICs, FPGA Acceleration lecture slide Introduction to FPGA
May 5th (joint with CSE548) Guest lecture by Andrew Putnam, FPGA on datacenters slide
May 9th Distributed Training and Communication Primitives assignment 2 due slide
May 11th Case Study of Existing Deep Learning Systems
May 16th Model Serving Systems slide
May 18th Guest lecture, Sharan Chetlur (cuDNN), slides
May 23th Domain specific languages and Intermediate representation slides
May 25th Guest lecture by Yangqing Jia (Caffe/Caffe2), slides
May 30th Hack Day
June 1st Hack Day
June 6th (@CSE 403) Project Presentations